First week

On me

Recovery has been okay. The stitch feels more…obvious this time, as in I’m more conscious of it. The last round, it feels nothing.

I feel that my body is recovering ok as well. The only drawback is the same pelvic bone pain that I had from the old fall. The pain recur during the pregnancy and still haunting me till now.

Aching on my thigh – which I wonder why. But I did remember that my legs were trembling right after birth. Must have use some force during the labour.

Definitely sleep deprived coz baby cluster feed at wee hours 😰

Been sweating a lot coz of the confinement food. Generally I’m okay with the confinement food and practices. And I love red dates tea haha. So I guess that helps with the milk production coz my booby is hard most of the time!

First time out of house, for baby’s checkup. Mighty glad that I did my eyelash extensions before popping.

On baby

She is a milk monster haha.

She is progressing well. She had quite bad newborn acne initially that got us real worried. It was bright red patches everywhere. Paed told us that it will go away and eventually it did.

She did had a lil jaundice but no treatment required. I read before that jaundiced baby will sleep more so I will wake her up for milk. So far she will usually wake up for milk but never stay awake.

She is usually wide awake at night 😰

I call it magic, such a precious jewel

On S

S has been great!! I think this is mainly because we talk through our expectations before this. He helps out at home with the kids and running around buying stuff/errands. He wakes up at night when I do just to make sure I’m okay and give me TLC too 😍

And he has been enjoying the confinement lady service. He always wanted a domestic helper at home but I refused. He even asked her to make all kinda desserts for him 😝

On Ezra

Ezra was my main worry before Isla’s arrival but, he proved that he is an amazing brother. He is handling it so well and has been giving a lot of love to the lil sis. He constantly check on her and shower her with kisses.

The only challenge is during sleeping time. He needs me to put him to sleep and i try to settle Isla before that. But it ain’t that perfect at the moment but we are doing ok I guess.

On confinement

I think I don’t have the luck with confinement lady. Or maybe I have high expectations lol

Current CL is ok with her job generally. She can run the household well and not ‘calculative’ – as in she will do most housework that you asked.

However, I feel that she is lack of experience as CL, esp with baby. She can’t even swaddle the baby correctly 😂. She is not detailed with

The birth story

31 March 2018

4 sth am: the usual time I will wake up nowadays. I will be quite awake, no thanks to final trimester. Went to pee and as I sat down, I feel something drop. And a small crack sound. Then there was a blob of discharge. I just got the feeling that it will be today.

5am: contractions started. Open up the app and started timing it. The first one was about 15 mins apart. S woke up at the 2nd contraction.

S asked if he should call his sis and start moving. I contemplated. Then the gap was 10 mins apart. We start to get ready.

The next wave was 5 mins apart and we knew immediately that we gotta act fast. He called his sis and we move ASAP! I chucked all the last min stuff into the bag and changed. The contractions continue at 5 mins apart

6am: His sis is here. We left home with Ezra sleeping. Move to hospital quickly and fortunately the hospital is super near home.

As we parked, there was a contraction in the contraction in the car. We walked up and there was another one at the main door. Things were really speeding up!

As we reach the labour ward, we realized there was a locked foldable glass door that was never there before. We both panic! So was frantically knocking it and screaming. It was a good whole minute before someone heard us and told us to use the opposite door!

Damn it! Stick a sign please!

So we were assigned a room and another wave of contraction that stopped me from changing. Changed and VE was done. 6 cm. I was asked if I want the gas but refused.

They were getting more intense. I keep telling myself through each wave to not to scream or waste energy in any way.

Another VE done and it was 9cm. Doc wasn’t there yet. So I was asked to take the laughing gas and I refused. I was told that I have to take it to delay the process til doc gets here.

The laughing gas was a good relief for sure.

Not long after, doc arrived and the real thing started. Pushing is no joke.

I think it was 2 pushes to see baby’s head. Then another 3 pushes. It was real work to manage intense contractions and concentrate on long push. I am so glad that S was beside me all the time coz he is my real source of comfort. And this time, we work better as we talked about it beforehand on my needs.

Then I was asked to pant instead of push. I’m like what’s that haha. So it’s more to breathe out the baby to avoid tearing. I think I pant about 3 rounds. Push for another 2

7.11am: my precious princess is out! She got the umbilical cord around her neck. So S didn’t cut it and the gynae did the necessary. She was passed to me and she didn’t cried. My first reaction was to cry and said sorry to her 😅. I don’t know why.

But I feel so worried coz she didn’t cry at all!

She was taken away and the doc promised that I can do skin to skin after that. I am glad that she remembered this part.

Everything happened so fast at the moment. S was checking baby and at the same time still attending to me coz it was quite a bitch to get the placenta out. My gynae was massaging my tummy to assist and that hurts. Then come the stitch which I can fully feel it.

I was in daze with the first pregnancy and this one, everything is just so so clear!

Our hearts are so so so full!



Thank you baby girl for giving mummy a fast labour!

Maternity leave started means that I can do school run with S

But with Ezra, it can be abit like walking on egg shells. Coz sometimes he would refuse to head to the nanny’s place once he sees me. I have a super duper clingy son. But on good day like today, he is super good mood and told us stories of what happened in school during the ride.

On another note, my face is so swollen 😑
Went for CTG this morning and still nothing. The doc asked us to return tomorrow for another CTG sienzz

Haih, been having shit luck to buy Moses basket. I found one vintage from Carousell and has been dealing with the girl since early Jan. When it was time to post the item over, she had 101 prob with it. Fine! Then she wanna send it over via her brother. I’m fine with the arrangement. And…she went MIA wtf. She didn’t pick up my calls!!

I started searching in Taobao after. Found it on ezbuy and with super cheap shipping. Then you see what happened now haihhh

#taobao #ezbuy

I hope they could contact the seller and sort it out. I’m adamant that we will not co-sleep with bb2 and we can use this portable Moses basket to put her beside me. At least I don’t have to walk to the cot and then conveniently having the baby on the bed instead.

Officially starting my maternity leave today

Entering 40 weeks tomorrow and still no sign of the baby.

There is mild contractions here and there but that’s about it. The gynae told me that I’m dilated and cervix is soft…since 2 weeks ago. But that’s about it.

Am I gonna have another overdue baby?

But before any labour actions start, I’m gonna my tub of ice cream. Have not been utilizing my staff discount till now.

It’s really so damn good!

Had one of the most pleasant outing with Ezra today

It has been tough with him lately. He always demand to buy something or there is just something that not right for him. And there is always tears.

We told him today that we don’t wanna see tears.

And we bribed him with a new toy 😂😅. Well, it was a toy that we buy quietly, not something that he demands. I feel that makes a different coz I don’t like to give in to him, esp with him in tears demanding for sth.

With those combos today, gosh, he was an angel!

His reward, choc cake!

He didn’t nap at all today, and still in super mood. No breakdown. Usually he will have at least 2 hours nap.

He hold our hands when he was not on stroller. No running like wacko.

S and I keep telling each other what a good day it was. Then I asked S, do I have to bribe him all the time to get this? 😂😂😂

Oh well, this would be one of our last few weekends before the baby pops, so I am just thankful that this 38 weeks mummy is having a good day!

The said bribe

This is how you attack your choc cake!!

Current fav: 1+1 kopi at Thong Kee coffeeshop. Very kao and fragrant.

Fluffy croissant with Kaya and butter.

Saturday morning done right, don’t you think so?

Just sold my car this afternoon 😭

I really really love this car. Even after driving it for more 5 yrs, I’m still love the driving experience. Although I did have quite a number of probs with it as well.

Thank you for your service my lil Rocco ❤️

While waiting for S to settle the car stuff, we were fooling around in the little makeshift container office. Managed to keep this boy entertained for almost an hour without phone. I’m trying to cut down gadget time but sometimes it is just damn convenient when he keeps whining 😔

Here is his monster look! He asked me to take a picture and we spend few minutes laughing at his silly face 🤪

And then he made me take one as well!

He looks so damn cute, while me, super chan lol. Why so unfair one?